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Category A1 International Horticultural Exhibition
19/03/2027 - 26/09/2027
Scenery of the Future for Happiness

The Expo

International Horticultural Expo 2027, Yokohama, Japan was accredited by the AIPH as an A1 international horticultural exhibition on 9 September 2019. The BIE General Assembly recognised the Expo on 28 November 2022 during its 171st session, in accordance with the provisions of the Convention relating to International Exhibitions.

Expo 2027 Yokohama will play a role in proposing solutions to international issues including global environmental challenges and developing future societies. It will present new perspectives, values, and industrial fields, and help reaffirm the importance of natural spaces. Expo 2027 Yokohama will emphasise the principle of circularity inherent to flowers, greenery and agriculture, as well as the value of nurturing plants of all types, how they benefit people at various levels, and the cultural and mental benefits to humankind. It will also ask participants to voice their opinions on the effects of nature on contemporary society, making the Expo a participatory demonstration.

In light of global climate change and the loss of biodiversity, the Expo aims to create a society in which people have a deeper sense of happiness through various initiatives related to its theme.


Scenery of the Future for Happiness

The theme of Horticultural Expo 2027 Yokohama, Japan is "Scenery of the Future for Happiness."

Humanity is part of the ecosystem and our lives have been invariably supported by nature, which is the foundation of the biosphere, and in particular by the bounty of plant life, which is at the heart of the biosphere. However, there is a limit to the capacity of the global environment that supports the continuation of ecosystems.

As a result of the human socioeconomic pursuit of affluence, challenges that threaten the survival of humanity are becoming increasingly apparent, such as the loss of biodiversity, ongoing climate change, and the increasing severity and frequency of various natural disasters. As the world population is expected to continue to increase, especially in developing countries, there is a need to improve agricultural productivity to secure food.

Flowers, greenery, and agriculture excite people across different ideologies, generations, and national borders, bringing about a sense of happiness. They nurture respect for nature in people’s minds and create value that is harmonious with nature.

Initiatives related to the theme include:

  • Re-evaluating different forms of nature-inspired wisdom and culture that shape daily life, and sharing ideas about how to use them to form a sustainable society.
  • Promoting horticultural cultures around the world.
  • Exploring the realisation of a life in which flowers, greenery and agriculture are close at hand, and which nurtures a rich heart.
  • Encouraging the participation of diverse entities.



The site of International Horticultural Expo 2027 Yokohama, Japan is located in the north-western part of the City of Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, about 30 km southwest of Tokyo, covering an area of approximately 100 hectares, of which approximately 80 hectares shall be the exhibition area.

Despite its location in a metropolitan area, abundant natural environments remain at the Expo site, and agricultural activities continue.

The natural assets of the area include farmland, flat grassland, headwaters, and terraced land, with the trees peripheral to adjoining forested areas in close proximity (“citizens’ forest”) providing habitats for diverse plants and animals.

After the Expo, most of the site will become a park managed by Yokohama City. This park will play a role passing on and disseminating the achievements of the Expo for the future.

About Yokohama

The City of Yokohama is a cosmopolitan city, located in Kanagawa Prefecture, which is next to Tokyo. Its international trading port opened in 1859 and has served as the “gateway” to Japan.

Yokohama is one of the largest port cities in the country, with a population of approximately 3.77 million as of 1 May 2024. Since Japan opened its doors to the world in the late 19th century, it has served as a hub for international trade in horticultural plants, facilitating the exportation of lilies and many other Japanese plants, as well as the importation of roses, tulips, and other flowers from the West. The municipal government promotes policies related to “Garden City Yokohama” and is implementing a wide range of specific measures, using flowers, greenery, agriculture, and water, with participation from various stakeholders, including citizens and businesses.


Information provided by the Expo Organiser

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